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What is eBEEF?

eBEEF is the beef genetics/genomics community of practice with eXtension. Our mission is to foster a research and outreach community, engage beef cattle producers and ag professionals through trainings and publications, and support research and outreach projects.

Recent Webinars

2018 NBCEC BrownBagger Series can be found here

"Brown Bagger" Webinar Series

October 10 Recent Changes to Genetic Evaluations
Host, Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University

  • Single Step Implementation using marker effects models – Dr. Bruce Golden, Theta Solutions, LLC
  • Stayability and sustained cow fertility – Dr. Bruce Golden, Theta Solutions, LLC

October 17 – Novel Trait Development
Host, Dr. Bob Weaber, Kansas State University

  • Genetic evaluation for PAP – Dr. Scott Speidel, Colorado State University
  • Water Intake: testing period and animal variation – Dr. Megan Rolf, Kansas State University

October 24 – Encouraging Data Collection and Correct Breed Utilization
Host, Dr. Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Incentives to garner additional phenotypes and genotypes – Panel Discussion
    • Ms. Kelli Retallick, Angus Genetics, Inc.
    • Mr. Shane Bedwell, American Hereford Association
    • Dr. Jackie Atkins and Ms. Leoma Wells, American Simmental Association
  • Breed differences for mature weight – Dr. Larry Kuehn, USDA-MARC

October 31 – Decision Support Tools
Host, Dr. Darrh Bullock, University of Kentucky

  • Index 101 and beyond – Dr. Matt Spangler (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
  • 2019 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Meeting Invite – Representative from South Dakota


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