The USDETC is organized to provide leadership, support and resources for the development and facilitation of education and research in large herd management, in coordination with industry, academia and government. The Consortium is able to enhance the dairy industry's competitiveness as well as its ability to produce a safe, wholesome and competitively priced supply of milk and related products. This is achieved in an environmentally sound manner through expanded cooperative programs of the various universities and state agencies.

Students interested in the program should request an application form from the animal science department at their participating university or at The application deadline is in February.


This course is designed to increase understanding of the complexities of BRD, including material on disease mechanisms, identification and scoring techniques, managerial approaches to control, and genetic influences on susceptibility to BRD.

This course is designed to increase understanding of the genetic contribution to susceptibility to BRD and will present material in the context of using genomic and quantitative information in a selection program to reduce incidence of BRD.

A USDA-funded online Graduate education program offering specialized courses and flexible learning opportunities.