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NBCEC Beef Sire Selection Manual - National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (2010)



Low Density SNP Arrays (07/2012)


Application of Genomic Information: The California Commercial Ranch Project (11/2011)


Commercial Heifer Selection Using Genomics (11/2011)


Using DNA Information On Commercial Cattle Ranches (04/2011)


Combining EPD Info with DNA test results improves genetic prediction accuracy Beef Magazine (02/2011)

Commercially-available DNA Tests for Beef

Cattle (06/2010)

Value of DNA Information for beef bull

selection (06/2010)

Are DNA tests for you? Beef Magazine (03/2010)

DNA markers…Revolution or Evolution? ABS Breeders Journal (Fall/Winter 2009)

Do DNA tests work? Beef Magazine (10/2009)

Basics of DNA Markers and Genotyping (06/2009)

DNA-Based Progeny Testing (06/2009)

Fundamentals of Expected Progeny Differences (06/2009)

Marker-Assisted Selection in Beef Cattle Handout (06/2009)

The Value of Improving Accuracy of Yearling Bulls (06/2009)

Validation of Marker Tests (06/2009)

Whole Genome Selection (06/2009)

2009 Beef Improvement Federation Conference Proceedings

Curly Calf Syndrome (Arthrogryposis Multiplex (AM)) Update (02/2009)

Cattlemen to Cattlemen streaming video (05/2008)

"No Bull" Discussion on Genetic Markers (05/2008)

DNA Markers: Explanation of Validation and Utilization (2007)

Van Eenennaam, A. L. 2006. “DNA-Based Biotechnologies” Pages 66-73 in the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium Beef Sire Selection Manual (2006)

Marker-Assisted Selection in Beef Cattle Slide Show

Marker-Assisted Selection DNA Backgrounder Handout

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